About Brice

Hi, my name is Brice Center.  I'm a real person, even though people often mistake my name for the name of a place or company.

I am actually a Mechanical Engineer by education, but a Program Manager by occupation.  In the past, I worked at Bose Corporation designing Wave Radios and many of the automotive sound systems for Mazda, Honda, and Nissan cars.  Currently I work for a company that makes high-precision robots that work in clean-rooms handling microchip wafers.  They are the robots that help make the brains inside all the electronic goodies in our daily lives.

I'm a tech-loving, budget-conscious gadgeteer with an artistic side.  I love tech gear, and since I'm a real person with a real budget, I like to research products to extreme extents before I lay out my hard earned money on them.

On this site I document what I learn through the hours of research I do when I buy products, and I will review the products I end up buying.

I will also show you how you can do some pretty interesting things with some of the gear I recommend.  I like to explore every little feature of the things I buy, and I will show you how you can easily tweak and/or combine gear to cheaply do the same or more than more expensive products.  Also, in the world of software and cloud apps, there are a plethora of legally free tools that you can use to make your life easier, and fix some common computer woes.

Since I'm also an avid deal hunter, I document some of the best deals I find.  Products that give you a lot of bang for the buck, cheaper alternatives to expensive products, and gear that will save you so much money that it will actually pay for itself and then some.

In addition to all my left-brain tech-tweakin', and deal-sneakin', I also have a well-developed right brain.  I will display some of my more artistic creations including photos, videos, logo designs, T-shirt designs, poster designs, and website designs. I will also show you how to set up your own website with a custom domain name, literally in minutes using free cloud apps.

I have a variety of interests ranging from Photography, Cars, Computers, Cloud Apps, Website Design, Video Editing, GPSs, and Branding and Logo Design.  I think that you'll be able to find something that helps you, or at least interests you.

-Brice Center