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Techquinox Corporation

In 2005, I started Techquinox Corporation with the mission to import, market, and distribute environmentally-friendly, lower operating cost, vegetable-oil-based alternatives to typical petroleum-based machining lubricants for the machine tool industry.  Basically, I was the sole North American distributor for a unique, vegetable-oil based machining coolant that was far more environmentally-friendly than the typical petroleum coolants.

It was an incredible learning experience, and I had a lot of fun wearing all the different hats for all the different roles I had to play.  I was the Business Founder, the Marketing Manager, the Graphic Artist and Photographer, the Sales Rep., the Account Manager, the Procurement and Supply Chain manager, the Chemical Importation Specialist, and the Technical Troubleshooter.

These are some of my accomplishments from the Techquinox experience:
  • Negotiated business agreements with off-shore manufacturer (India).
  • Obtained governmental regulation compliance (TSCA/EPA).
  • Imported product by air and sea.
  • Branding – Created the company and product names, logos, images, and slogans.
  • Product Marketing – Created full-color package effectively showcasing the product benefits. Took professional quality photos, and laid out brochure for distribution as a physical package or a .pdf file.
  • Secured two pilot customers: BOSE Corporation in MA, and Acumen Technical Assoc. in RI.
  • Other Ventures: Explored partnership/licensing opportunities for building Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems’ products in India for consumption in India to exploit specific Indian market opportunities.
Unfortunately, by late 2006 I had to shut down the company.  My foreign supplier of the unique coolant could not deliver a consistent quality product.  The first batch of material was a huge success, and my customers were excited to buy more.  Unfortunately, subsequent batches did not perform well.  I worked with my customers and my supplier to try to troubleshoot and correct the issues, but in the end, my supplier could not perform, and my customers switched to another product.  With funding also an issue, I decided to close the corporation.

Below is the marketing brochure that I created.  I created all of the company and product branding and logos, took all of the photos except one, and created the layout for the document.  It is 3 pages.  Take a look.  (You can also see some other logos and branding I have done here).