Designs by Brice

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Poster for my 24hrs of LeMons racing team Boxy, But Good

(designed in collaboration with Cliff Lander; Lego Volvo car model by Chuck Su). 

My poster (on left) was a parody of the poster from the movie Crazy People (on right).

We had the poster hanging on our tent in the pits at our 24hrs of LeMons races

Company and Product Logo and Branding

Below are company and product logos I created for my old business venture.  Click through for the story.

T-shirts for Cub Scout Pack 100

I designed the new shirts for our Cub Scout pack.  The design obviously used the logo I designed on the front.
The official BSA plans for building the Cubmobile are on the back.

Piston Cup Trophy for Pack 100 Cubmobile Race

I designed this trophy out of an actual car engine piston, and air cleaner.  Had it mounted on a trophy base.
Every year, the Den that wins has their individual names engraved on the plaque.  As the years progress, more plaques will be added to the 4 sides of the base.

Pinewood Derby Display Stands

I designed these stands to mimic the starting gate and rails of a Pinewood Derby track.
It is designed to hold the car and the trophy together, and still allow the car to be easily removed for showing off to friends.