Music by Brice

A video of me playing an original song that I wrote entitled "Woman of My Dreams" (lyrics below).
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I met the woman of my dreams today.
From behind the table, her eyes stare straight through me.
Piercing my heart, and taking my soul
gently back to her.

And I -- just want to be close to her.
She looks into my eyes, and she breaks my disguise.
She has got -- the power to see
right through this, and get down to the real me.

Here's a video of my playing my cover of one of my favorite Jethro Tull songs.
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Wond'ring aloud -- how we feel today.
Last night sipped the sunset, my hands in her hair.
We are our own saviours -- as we start both our hearts beating life
into each other.

Wond'ring aloud -- will the years treat us well.
As she floats in the kitchen, I'm tasting the smell
of toast as the butter runs.
Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed
and I shake my head.
And it's only the giving that makes you what you are.