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Mystery Guitar Man's Sunglasses - Oakley GasCan Review

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Q: What brand / kind of sunglasses does Mystery Guitar Man wear?
A: Oakley GasCan sunglasses with polished black frames and warm grey lenses.

I actually got these before discovering MysteryGuitarMan, but then noticed that his were the same when I saw his videos. ►

I got the polished black/grey lens model here at Amazon for $75 (select "One Size" to see current price).  They are great glasses.  Very clear lenses with no imperfections, very stylish, and very sturdy.

I like them a lot.  The square sleek shape works well with wide faces like mine.  Also, I like the solid sides/earpieces since they prevent sun from streaming in from the sides and glaring off of the inside of your lenses.  They keep your eyes well shaded. 

The thing I like the most about them, though, is that they don't hit my eyelashes.  I have long eyelashes, and they have always grazed the inside of the lenses of nearly every pair of sunglasses I've owned, which causes me to pull them forward on my face a bit.  These GasCans don't do that.  Nice!

Here I am wearing my GasCans:

A couple minor issues to note
1. I have a wide field of vision, and these do just ever so slightly cut off the very outer edges of my peripheral vision. It is not very bothersome, though, and it is the nature of the beast with the solid sides/earpieces. Your head shape and/or eye location will be different than mine, though, so you may not notice it at all.  Overall, they have very impressive field of view for solid-side glasses.

2. The earpieces do start hurting the tops of my ears a bit after extended wear time. Again, this is likely just due to my personal head shape. You may not have the problem.  I just tilt them up off my ears a bit, and it solves the problem for me.

They come with an Oakley microfiber cleaning/carrying bag.

Highly recommended. A total bargain to get real Oakleys for under $100!

To get them, just click here, then select the size ("One Size"), and the price will pop up.  That link will get you to the same frame/glass combo that MysteryGuitarMan wears.  Amazon usually has the lowest prices.

This video shows "Why Oakleys Are So Great."  Regular glasses shatter...Oakleys stay intact.  Notice that the Oakleys that they test are GasCans.  All Oakleys have the Plutonite lenses: