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Google Sites: How to Set Up a New Website

© 2011 Brice Center (first posted 2/4/12 ► last updated 2/4/12)

Create Site, pick theme (can be changed later)
Make it Public (Manage Site > Sharing and Permissions) - especially important to do if you copied a site, since I think it will default to private.
Set the Web Address; e.g. (Manage Site > Web Address)
Modify the bottom footer: 2 places:
    Manage Site > General > "Users who can access site activity/revision history" > set to Collaborators Only
    Manage Site > Site layout > customize system footer links > hide as desired

At domain registrar:
URL forwarding : set to direct naked domain to go to www. address.
(Email forwarding: set to forward to your address; and see my separate page for how to send as that address from Gmail, etc)
DNS management: create CName for to

Wait for a few hours for the domain settings to propagate.

Set up Webmaster tools:
set up, verify>Advanced>MetaTag>Verify
then do, verify>Advanced>MetaTag (should be same metatag)>Verify
Set Preferred domain
submit Sitemap
Fetch as Googlebot and submit to Index

Make a Favicon, by cropping a picture square, then resizing it to 16x16 pixels, then change extension to .ico (name it favicon.ico), and then go to Manage Site>Attachements, and attach it to the top level.

Set up Google Analytics on a separate account. 

Add new owner to site.
Add new owner to Webmaster tools.
Add new owner to Google Analyitics.

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