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How to change Google Nickname on Google Maps and other Google Services

© 2011 Brice Center (first posted 10/18/12 ► last updated 10/18/12)

Today I noticed that when I send a link to a custom Google My Map that I created, I was seeing "By BC" on the map's info page.

I wondered how I could change that nickname if I wanted to.  Here's how:

I found that after changing the nickname, it might take a short while before the nickname will change across Google.  I also found that closing the browser and re-opening was sometimes necessary to see the new nickname.  But in the end it worked, and I successfully changed my nickname on my custom Google Maps.

From what I understand, this also changes your display name on Google Sketchup, Google Docs, and perhaps other Google services, so keep that in mind before you change it.