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How to Download Photos from a Shared SkyDrive Album

© 2013 Brice Center (first posted 12/7/2013 ► last updated 12/7/2013)

1. Go to the Shared album link provided to you.

2. You have three options for download.  (1) You can either download the ENTIRE album, (2) download individual photos, or (3.) multiple selected photos in the album.  Here are the instructions for all 3 options:

To Download an Entire Album:

While inside the album, click Folder actions > Download folder at the top, and then when your browser prompts you about a .zip file, just click “Save,” and put it on your hard drive.  That .zip folder will contain all of the photos in the album.

To Download Multiple Selected Photos:

Hover over a photo thumbnail and a checkbox will appear.  Check off the photos you want, then click the Download button, and click Save when prompted.  You can also use Shift+click like you do on your desktop computer to select a series of multiple photos.  To clear your selections, just click the Clear selection button at the top.

To View and Download Individual Photos:

Click on a thumbnail of any photo to view it.  To download an individual photo, just click the Download link at the top when viewing it.