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How to Hide or Remove Your Birthday in Skype Profile

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Your birth date in your Skype Profile is public, and you cannot change the setting to restrict it to contacts only, or hide it from the public, but you can remove it.  Below are the steps to delete your birthday from your Skype Profile.

"PUBLIC!!  I don't want my birthday public."  If you inputted your birthday when you created your account, you may want to delete it from your profile so it's not viewable by everyone.  However, in the Skype Profile Editor it's not immediately obvious how to remove it.  Here's how:

1. Open Skype on your computer. Go to the Skype menu, then Profile, then Edit Your Profile..

2. At the top of the Profile Page, click the Edit button.

3. One by one, click on the birth date Day, Month, and Year, and scroll to the top of the selection box, and select the blank.  Each entry will be deleted.  The Skype profile saves automatically.

4. Click on the Public Profile button at the top, and double check that you don't see your birthday in your Public Profile.