SOLVED: Project Server Error Code 9000

© 2011 Brice Center (first posted 5/16/12 ► last updated 6/21/12)

System Info:

Project Server 2007; Microsoft Project Professional 2007; Windows XP Pro

Symptom / Error:

A single Project Manager was getting the following error every time he tried to save a project to the server from MS Project:

"Project Server encountered a problem with this error code: 9000.
Please contact your server administrator"

He would then receive another error if he tried to save again:

"The project is no longer checked out to you on the Project Server.
To save as a different project, click OK and then Save it as a different project."

He had been using the system for over a year prior to this without receiving this error.


The Project Manager was using a wireless connection.  It was suspected that his machine was intermittently losing the wireless network connection, and thus causing this error.  Another person in his part of the building also recently reported an intermittent wireless network issue.

The solution was to put him back on a hard line wired network connection.  He has since not been having any issues as of 6/21/12 (over one month after putting him back on the wired connection).