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Which Picasa Edits Affect EXIF Data

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Adding photo to an album does not touch EXIF data.  Album data appears to be stored in the hidden Picasa Application Data folders.

Unsaved Edits are all stored in the picasa.ini file.

Saved Edits are applied to the photo, but a backup of the original is made in a hidden Picasa Folder

Geotagging, Regular Tags, and Captions all directly edit the photo's EXIF data, and tend to destroy some manufacturer data, especially on DSLRs.

People, or face-recognition, is stored in two places.  A cryptic database reference is stored in the picasa.ini file, and that reference goes back to the Application Data Folders (library info).

Moving Files - Effect on Data:
If you move a photo in windows, the picasa.ini file info will not be updated, and you will have to re-do those changes.  If you move the file through Picasa, everything will be updated.