How to Share Windows 7 Folders with XP Machines

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Initial Setup:

Verify all computers are on same workgroup; Computer > Properties >Workgroup

On Win7 machine, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > and on left sidebar “Change advanced sharing settings.”  Then verify that these are turned ON (Network Discovery; File and Print Sharing ; Public Folder Sharing), and verify that Password Protected Sharing is turned OFF (If you want to keep it enabled make sure there is a log in account on the Win7 for the network connections from other XP machines and they have a password.).


On Win7 machine, right click on folder to be shared.  Click Properties > Sharing Tab > Advanced Sharing > check off Share this folder.

Then to allow access, you must do one of the following.

From Properties > Sharing Tab, click Share   OR   Right click the folder and click Share With > Specific People

Then use the pull down to select “Everyone”, and click Add, then Share.

(If you are keeping password protection turned on, just add the login account reserved for network connects, that you created above).



Either just set up a Homegroup, which will automatically share your printers, OR  go to Start > Devices and Printers > double click the printer > Customize your printer > Sharing tab > Check off Share this printer.



Right Click > Share With > Advanced Sharing >(or Right Click > Properties)> Sharing Tab > Advanced Sharing > Share this folder > give share name > Permissions > Give Everyone Full Control > OK > OK

Securitiy Tab > Edit > Give Everyone Full Control


If having trouble with some child folders not sharing properly do this:

Properties > Security Tab > Advanced > Change Permissions > check off Replace all child object permissions.... > OK

This will solve most "permission denied" issues.